Rules of cohabitation

General provisions. – All persons entering the area are obliged to comply with the provisions of this Regulation and the Spanish legislation governing tourist camping.

Information – They will be able to have all the necessary information in the web or in our reception.

Reception hours. – The hours of operation of the Reception Office are: From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Hours of access

The doors will be open 24 hours while the Natura Resort Area is open in high season (1 May to 31 October). If you wish to leave or enter outside these hours, an access code will be offered so that you can do so freely. We only ask that you be as respectful as possible to other guests.

Arrivals after 9 p.m.

If you arrive after 9pm, at the entrance door, you will find a telephone number (+34) 865 662 225 or (+34) 671 067 404, in which we will provide an access code that will allow you to spend the night inside the facilities. If it is considered that you will arrive at your destination after 10.30 pm, please call in advance (after this time no calls will be answered).

Right to Admission. – You will not be admitted in the camper, or you will be expelled from it with the help of the agents of the authority if necessary, when there is a presumption founded that you are going to breach the rules of coexistence, morality or decency, or intend to enter or enter the camper with the purpose other than to carry out the activities of the establishment. In this sense, the right of admission is understood to be reserved. –

The right of admission is also reserved for those who occupy or are going to occupy spaces with their belongings that are manifestly disproportionate to the number of people using them.

„Those who are debtors of the Company by reason of services rendered previously and whose amounts have not been made effective at the time will not be admitted.

Entry registration. – In order to enter the AREA it is REQUIRED the presentation of the corresponding National Identity Document or Passport, as well as to fill in the documentation at each moment required for it by the Spanish authorities.

Entry of animals. – It is forbidden the entrance of animals that, manifestly, suppose danger or cause annoyance to the campers. If the animals meet these characteristics, the Company and the client may agree conditions of all kinds so that the introduction can be made.

Rates. – The Price List for all concepts will be satisfied, at the entrance, as appropriate, at the Reception Office or at the place of use of complementary services.

Hours of rest and silence. – The following hours of rest are declared at the campsite:


During these hours, the client will avoid all kinds of noise, voices, discussions, regulating the sound devices (especially televisions and radios) so that they do not cause discomfort to neighbors.


During these hours the silence will intensify, being prohibited the circulation of vehicles for the interior of the enclosure, except exceptional cases in which an emergency or a peremptory necessity so provided. Special care will be taken with the sound produced by televisions and radios.

Visits: Entrance to the Camper Area is exclusively reserved for its users. In exceptional cases, the address at the request of the client and under his responsibility, may authorize the entry always for a limited time previously indicated, family or friends, who will be obliged in any case, to deliver to the Reception Office, document accrediting their identity, which will be collected on departure. The visit of more than one hour will imply to all effects, that the visitor is considered as a client for one day. The same will happen when the visitor makes use of any service of the common areas.

Circulation and parking of vehicles. – Inside the Area, vehicles will limit their speed to 10km/h. Vehicles other than those belonging to the clients may not circulate. Within the enclosure, the use of the vehicle of all classes will be limited to the access and exit of the clients, avoiding in consequence, the sport use or of relaxation of those, in special as it refers to bicycles and motorcycles.

The circulation of vehicles will be suspended during the hours of night silence. If you return to the campsite at this time, you must leave the motorhome in the outside car park of the Area, and enter it in the morning.

Customers shall observe parking bans and avoid parking in areas that hinder the movement and access of vehicles and people.

Motorhomes must be parked within the limits of the assigned space. In the event that you park it in another space, you must pay the rate for the extra space you are occupying.

Obligations of Camper Area users:

  1. a) Submit to the particular prescriptions of the company Owner of the Camper Area aimed at maintaining order and good regime of the same.
  2. b) To respect the plants and the facilities with the good use of the same ones.
  3. c) Observe the elementary rules of coexistence, morality, decency and public order.
  4. d) Communicate to the management the cases of feverish or contagious disease of which they are aware.
  5. e) Leave the Area once the agreed time has expired, unless this is extended by mutual agreement between the company and the client.
  6. f) Collect garbage and waste of all kinds in plastic bags that will be deposited, properly closed, in the containers that the company distributes for that purpose.
  7. g) Leave the square where it has been parked in the same conditions in which it was found.
  8. h) To deliver in reception any lost object that they found.
  9. i) Keep the volume of radios and televisions moderate, so that it does not disturb the neighbors.
  10. j) To have the domestic animals tied up, and with the corresponding sanitary card in rule. Collect the excrement of your pets.
  11. k) Throughout the year it is mandatory to wear clearly visible identification bracelets throughout the enclosure, common areas and sports centers. The security department, as well as other employees of the park, may require compliance with this point of the regulation for the benefit of all customers.

These bracelets must be returned at the end of the stay.

  1. l) Parents will be responsible for their children in all activities that take place in the Area, as well as in all its facilities.

Prohibitions – It is forbidden to the users of this Camper Area:

– Disturb the rest of the other campers during the hours indicated.

– Play games or sports that may annoy other customers.

– Lighting a charcoal or wood fire.

– To be accompanied by animals that manifestly suppose a danger or annoyance for the other users.

– Carry weapons or objects that could cause accidents.

– Abandon rubbish outside the containers intended for this purpose, and especially throw it into fountains or public roads.

– Introduce into the Area people not housed in the Area, without prior authorization from the reception.

– Wear clothing in unauthorized places.

– Install any kind of fences or fences in the square.

– To carry out any type of act that may damage the property, hygiene and appearance of the Area.

– Ride a bicycle without lights once it gets dark.

– Nuisance neighbors with the noise of televisions and radios or smoke from barbecues.

– It is forbidden to use any kind of fireworks inside and near the enclosure.

– Access to and use of the swimming pools and gymnasium is prohibited for children under 14 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult.

– It is expressly forbidden for clients to install elements that do not correspond to those of temporary, own and habitual use of the stay in the Motorhomes Areas and/or damage the tourist image of the establishment.  Specifically, floors, fences, sinks, electrical appliances and any other element that by its fixation transmits an image of permanence in the Area may not be installed in the plots, and their installation constitutes a sufficient cause for the client to terminate the accommodation contract, whatever its modality, without the right to any compensation whatsoever.

Sanctions – The user who contravenes any of these prohibitions, does not comply with the instructions of the management of the company, fails to comply with the elementary rules of education and social coexistence and, in general, does not respect all the principles of civilized life, WILL BE INVITED TO ABANDONATE THE LAND, and if not done peacefully may be EXPULSED from the facilities by the management. All this without prejudice of the pecuniary actions and of all type that could be imposed to him by the competent authority.

Liability – The company is not responsible for damages that may occur as a result of fire, caused by the users themselves, or atmospheric incidents and natural disasters.

The company is only responsible for the money, documents, which can take away, so we recommend always keep under control their belongings.

Claims. – For the company, a claim is the same as a suggestion for improvement, so we also invite you to fill out our questionnaire-survey in order to study your proposal.